The Centre is to conduct diversified training at various levels. Vocational training which incorporates pre-job training, job transfer training, apprenticeship training and on-the-job training at the levels of training will be categorized into low, medium and senior levels vocational training, technician and senior technician training and other adaptation training. Training programs will be primarily provided by VSESC and relevant faculties, campuses and departments at the Polytechnic, Ibadan (main and satellite campuses) and other types of vocational training providers as may be required. In addition, there will be enterprise-sponsored training programmes and training providers will be coordinated by VSESC.

The main focus of vocational skills will be in engineering/engineering related, science/science related, environmental programmes and Business/Financial Education.

Block Moulding and Concreting
Household Products
Catering and Confectioneries
Beading Works
Car Repairs and Services
Garment Making
Electrical Installation
Handset Repairs and GSM Services
Web Design and Software Development